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NZFFS is an innovative company that Provides Connectivity solutions, Customised Security & Process Monitoring Systems, IOT Solutions (Internet of Things) Serving the Rural, Commercial & Marine Sectors since 2005

Get Connected

Connectivity is increasingly becoming an essential part of our daily lives! Whether it’s Mobile phone 3G Voice /4G Data connectivity, fixed or on the move, remote access to an Irrigation controller or monitoring of HD Cameras via smart phone.

Mobile Boosters

Authorised reseller & installer of Cel-Fi mobile Boosters 
the Only Carrier approved NZ compliant Cellular 3G/4G Boosters


Keep a close eye on your stock plant, equipment, Production
Take faster action to minimise loss or damage while increasing productivity.

Remotely Connected 

No matter where you or your equipment is, we keep you connected.

Stock Monitoring

Monitor stock from the comfort of your office, or live at the work station

Mobile Cellular Boosting

3G & 4G for properties, boats and vehicles

Mobile Cellular Coverage with 3G/4G data
Get in-depth data on supply levels and react faster on warnings.

We pride ourselves, that we can deliver cost effective connectivity in those out of the way places, where in the past Cellular connectivity was unobtainable.

While enhancing 4G data internet speeds & performance in other areas, or distribution of Internet connection via wireless Point to Point & Multi Point. Internet of things (IOT) Internet of Everything) providing real time monitoring of Sensor data on one platform while providing Cloud based historical Data, We work closely with other network stake holders to insure integrity & sustainability of cellular networks, while only utilising New Zealand carrier approved hardware, that meet RSM requirements.

Our Point Of difference

NZFSS can generally bring everything together, without the need to bring third parties onsite, whether HD camera installations through to connectivity while incorporating IOT. We have developed a strong supplier base over a long period of time, thus enabling us to provide quality hardware that is reliable and cost effective, that works best for our clients. 

 We have maintained a good relationship with Strategic Partners; these include overseas partners, which we believe essential in our field, as to keep up with the latest technologies and trends on global bases. One of our Australian partners IOT partners, received the 2018 Westpac Business of Tomorrow award, and continues to receive awards in this field.

Stock Monitoring

Monitor stock from the comfort of your office.

Mobile Tracking Devices

Know where your vehicles are at all times.

Data Feedback & Control

Load monitoring and control equipment schemes via smartphones

Always connected

Don't let substandard technology let you down. We have the best.

Our Goal

Our Goal is to provide our customers with a solution that works best for them, by providing the necessary technological tools, to assist with day to day running of their business, weather  environmental obligations, Health and safety, Personnel, Livestock, Plant & Equipment, while assisting to reduce labour effort.

We achieve this by working with our clients to identify the biggest pain points! In the day to day operations. Utilizing the latest proven technology’s software & hardware, to offer a solution, while insuring all equipment is NZ compliant & carrier approved.

Mission Statement

We are dedicated to providing customised solutions that work best for our client needs, by providing the right technological tools that assist with every day running of their business. We achieve this by working closely with our clients to identify their needs, in conjunction with our Local and award winning Overseas Partners

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